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I attended the University of Arkansas for three years and transferred to Little Rock University for my final year with a BA degree. While in college I was a member of Delta Delta Delta sorority.

I am on the Board of Directors of the Fort Smith Public Library, a member of The Borderliners writing group, a volunteer writing instructor with the Fort Smith Public Library, and a member of The Miller Branch Book Club.

I grew up in Van Buren, Arkansas, and attended high school with Sam Hugh and Linda Park, the children of the publishers of The Press Argus newspaper. In May of 1981, Mrs. Park was found murdered in her beautiful home on top of Log Town Hill. Nearly everyone, including the local and state police. thought the Park son, a drunken homosexual lawyer, committed the crime because he and his mother often argued about his lifestyle. When I read about the case, I vowed to my husband Ben, a Fort Smith attorney, that this was the book I would someday write. Some thirty-five years later, I came through on my vow with my novel, Blind Rage.

I wrote the book because I wanted to know the truth. I wanted to tell the community of Van Buren the truth. I always knew it was a good story, and I know all readers, no matter where they live, love a good story. I think it will appeal to both women and men. As a former librarian for 15 years, I know there are few true crime novels published today. And it's a fact: everyone likes to read about rich people having troubles.

My hobbies have always been reading, writing, and attending movies. In my thirties and forties, I played a lot of tennis. I had a real good serve, but a not-so-hot backhand.

Perseverance is my mantra for writing.

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